System automation

System automation includes designing, developing software solutions, programming, software engineering through a multidisciplinary approach to the development of mechatronic systems.

Automation improves the efficiency, precision, speed and reliability of machines, lines, systems and equipment. The decision to automate, ie the upgrade of older systems, is mainly due to the mechanical quality of the machine or the line.

By installing the latest types of management such as the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and the executive units, the client gets a more reliable machine / line and thus the ability to increase production and better control over each segment of the production process.

Nowadays, automation of the system is an integral part of everyday life. Its basic purpose is to facilitate everyday work and individual life, but also to improve quality and increase production capacity.

In automation, Asemo uses only the best quality solutions as a proud system integrator of renowned partners, namely SIEMENS, FESTO, FANUC, SMC, NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS.

If the customer wants a specific manufacturer, Asemo team can meet all the requirements because customer wishes are our top priority.

  • Automation of existing lines and machines
  • Designing and manufacturing of new control solutions for machines and production lines (PLC programming, visualization, documentation)
  • Replacing and improving the management of existing machines and lines in order to gain greater line reliability and at the same time increase production
  • Design and manufacture of machines for various purposes ready-to-use
  • Design and manufacture of control cabinets
  • Design and commissioning of electromotor drives
  • Installation and parameter setting of frequency controllers