Product testing machine

  • Input buffer area for multi-layered product magazine
  • Automatic intake of product magazine into the machine loading position
  • Recognition of product position with high resolution industrial camera and generation of robotic coordinates for the transfer of product to the rotating table by first robot
  • Measurement of the product current using a 1000V / 30A DC power source on the measurement position of the rotating table
  • Picking of product by second robot including sorting based on measurement result
  • Removal of bad product to scrap bin or transfer of good product to the multi-layered output magazine
  • The machine uses empty magazines from the input as output magazines thus reducing the need for additional auxiliary material


Speed: 1.5 seconds per product
Measurement positions: maximum 2
Operators required: 0.25 people
Time for product change-over: <5 minutes
Data archiving: Process values, alarms, operators, keystrokes, etc.
Optional features: Preventive maintenance management system