Product testing machine


  • the inbound multi – layer batches are placed in the waiting area
  • the machine draws the batch to the position of taking
  • high resolution camera detects product position and defines coordinates for Robot 1 that takes the product and places it in the rotary table nest
  • on the rotating table, the current of the product is measured via the 1000V/30A DC supply
  • Robot 2 picks up the product and leaves it in the output multi – layer batch or expose it to a bad product tank depending on the measurement result
  • the machine uses empty bins at the input as output bins and thus reduces the need for additional auxiliary material


Speed: 1.5 seconds per product

Dimension [mm]: 2000×2000

Measuring places: max 2

Operators required: 0.25

Changing the type of product: < 5 min

Archiving: process values, alarms, operators, keystrokes etc.

Additionally: integrated preventive maintenance system