Electrical measurement and product classification line


  • automatic feed of product trays placed in layers
  • product position detection with high resolution industrial camera and generating coordinates for robots
  • the robot collects the product according to the given coordinates and leaves them on the buffer strip
  • an industrial camera measures product dimensions, classifies them and generates coordinates for the robot that takes the product and puts it onto a rotating table
  • measuring of electrical quantities and defining the product class according to process parameters takes the place at the measuring site of the rotating table
  • the gantry system collects the class by class and leaves the elements in boxes defined by class, and after the end of the layer it sets the partition material


Speed: 1 second per product

Dimension [mm]: 3800×1700

Measuring places: max 2

Number of classes: max 14

Operators required: 0.25

Changing the type of product: < 5 min

Archiving: process values, alarms, operators, keystrokes etc.