Electrical measurement and classification machine – compact version


  • the inbound multi – layer batches are placed in the waiting area
  • the machine draws the batch to the position of taking
  • the high – resolution industrial camera recognizes the products on the layer
  • the robot takes 3 products and puts them in the measuring position
  • at the end of the measurement, the robot collects class by class and leaves the products in boxes defined by the class and at the end of the layer places the partition material
  • the possibility of adapting the machine to the specific requirements of the client


Speed: 2 seconds per product

Dimension [mm]: 2000×1600

Measuring places: 12 (principle of change 6 by 6)

Number of classes: max 7

Operators required: 0.25

Changing the type of product: <5 min

Archiving: process values (in milliseconds), alarms, operators, keystrokes etc.

Additionally: generating process reports (per user, per shift etc.)