Mission, vision and core values


Our mission and first goal is to provide top products to our customers. With our solutions we want to complement your internal knowledge by delivering products and services that will support your business. Together we will achieve project targets like increase of productivity, reduced costs and/or improved product quality. Respecting the needs and requirements of our customers, ASEMO employees invest all their knowledge and skills to develop products and services in accordance with applicable industry standards using state-of-the-art technologies as well as Industry 4.0 approach. As a consequence, a satisfied customer and the personal growth of our team are key results of our mission.


Our vision is to stay a reliable cooperation partner for our customers. We approach to this challenge by providing fundamental service features with fast reaction times as well as continuously researching new solutions, tracking technological achievements worldwide and implementing them in our customized products. We achieve this with highly educated and innovative team members that are successful in both personal and professional development. ASEMO ensures the stability and continuation of its customer relationships with solid business and financial plans as well as complying with social responsibility towards its employees.

Core values

  • commitment to customer
  • fast and flexible service response
  • professional cooperation attitude
  • innovative development approach
  • the will to continuously learn and develop
  • striving for excellence