Food and beverage industry

The food & beverage industry encompasses several branches of industry that unite under the common term.

In the food and beverage industry, there are high demands for quality and speed as well as for product monitoring. As a consequence, the requirements for automating the entire process are growing. Synchronizing individual specific machines is a big challenge for any manufacturer. Constant investments in new technologies and line concepts achieve better productivity, improve product quality and reduce downtime. The most important factors in the process control are the check of the cleanliness and quality of the packaging in order to prevent foreign bodies inside and finally the control of the defined filling quantity in each unit.

With our many years of experience, we offer you various solutions for optimizing and improving processes such as:

  • automation and system synchronization
  • real – time production monitoring systems
  • automatic preventive maintenance systems
  • quality control using industrial cameras with highly developed algorithms.
Food and beverage industry
Water treatment

Water treatment

Nowadays, more and more time is devoted to water quality control. This category includes clean water and wastewater discharged into the environment.

Water is the most important substance in the human body and is needed by every living thing. An important task is to ensure the quality of drinking water or industrial process waters e.g. for cleaning of produced components. Constant automatic water quality monitoring allows the user to react quickly so that the water is always within the set parameters. Since the water that is prepared for certain process becomes wastewater afterwards, it is necessary to make certain efforts in its purification in order to safely return it to the environment, without disturbing the ecosystem.

In cooperation with our partners, we offer automation and complete solutions for the preparation of clean water, demi – water, but also wastewater treatment. With the latest technologies for measuring and collecting data from measuring devices, we are competent in offering automated solutions that ensure the required quality and capacity.

Ceramics industry

In the past, ceramics was reserved for dishes and various sanitary ware. With the development of technology, ceramics are nowadays used in, for that time, the amazing applications people encounter in everyday life.

Medicine, the automotive industry, space programs and industries of various types use ceramic components due to their exceptional strength, precision and abrasion resistance. With the increase in demand and functionality, the ceramics industry is expanding its areas of application on a daily basis, thus requiring extremely high process and quality control due to the specific manufacturing methods of ceramic components. The unique sensitivity of ceramic materials on their production process is a challenge for the component manufacturers themselves, but also for the manufacturers of machines and production lines.

With our many years of experience in the ceramic industry, we have become a very important partner in the following segments:

  • improving the process
  • developing and building machines or lines according customer requirements
  • modular or inline quality control using industrial camera systems for extremely accurate measurements
  • monitoring and evaluation of production data e.g. for Industry 4.0 purpose
  • development of measurement systems for electro – ceramics.
  • Other requirements of the ceramics production needs.
Ceramics industry
Semiconductor industry

Semiconductor industry

The semiconductor industry is one of the most widespread industries as far as application in everyday life is concerned. Semiconductor devices we use in almost every electronic component in our daily lives such as computers, consumer electronics and telecommunication devices. All of them containing printed circuit boards that incorporate various semiconductor components.

The quality requirements for the manufacture of components in the semiconductor industry are growing day by day. Given the size of the components with the request for miniaturization in each generation and the quantities needed for each single assembly, this branch of industry requires rapid quality control systems such as:

  • dimension measurements
  • detection of various impurities
  • electrical measurements (resistance, capacity, frequency etc.)
  • manipulation and packaging systems for delivery.

By implementing new approaches in fields such as computer vision and robotics, but also combining state-of-the-art technologies for product manipulation and measurement, we are a good partner for improving existing production lines and creating complete process solutions that improve quality and speed up existing processes.

Automotive industry

The automotive industry covers an extremely wide range of various activities. It is one big chain that encompasses everything from digging ore to the finished car at the end of the chain. In short – the automotive industry is driving the world.

Given the high requirements prescribed by the automotive industry, related to input and output control of products and reducing downtime, this industry is a strong driver for the implementation of new technological solutions like todays Industry 4.0 evolution, which is driving the digitalization worldwide. With daily improvements and the integration of technologies that were previously unthinkable like autonomous driving of cars, the automotive industry opens its doors to solutions that were part of science fiction movies. Electric cars are changing the world and require the development of different components and a different approach.

From the very beginning, we have been part of the automotive industry. With constant development and investments in the acquisition of new knowledge, as well as mastering various technologies and accumulate working experience, we offer complete solutions to you. The integration of systems that are following the development of Industry 4.0 standards has become part of our everyday life and future oriented thinking.

Automotive industry