Collecting Process Acquisition

Nowadays, savings are required at each step. The ASEMO process data acquisition system assists the management structure in identifying possible savings spots by gathering and archiving all relevant data from the machine / line / factory and processing them in real time and in specified way, and as such shows them to a certain structure of the company considering that all data is time-synchronized. It is important to note that all sectors share the same data, only the presentment and the calculations are significantly different. Calculations and correlation between specific data are defined by the end user so that the contractor does not have to get into eventual business secrets of the contracting authority.

Standard Data View Modules:

OTM Maintenance and Tech Module

  • Includes digital and analogue timing displays

TM - Module Technology

  • Contains calculated process values ​​(temperatures, flows, etc.)

PM module planning

  • Contains a display of produced quantities in time

MM - Modul manager

  • In the foreground there is a traffic light (green, yellow, red) and email notification / sms
  • All the rest stated in the above modules, ie according to specific requirements


The ASEMO Data Acquisition System is connected to the charging line. Signal from inductive sensors, optical sensors, frequency inverters, flowmeters, various analyzers, etc. sre being recorded. The maintenance and technique module shows the operation of the machine in a technical sense ie whether the sensors are responsive at given times, whether the machine is operating or there are deviations in operation ( increased power consumption, etc.) - At the same time, the Modul technology shows the same amount of filled tanks on the same data, monitors the quality of the goods, etc. - The planning module monitors the feasibility of the planned production, and on the basis of multi-day work it sees the space for increasing output and raising the quality - Modul Manager according to the default plan if he does not want he don't have to look at anything because the system will notify if there is a possible subtraction or deviation in the work (pop-up window, mail, sms) although it can see all of the above.