Automation – Services – Electronics – Machine building – Optical inspection

Asemo was founded in the year 2013 as an advanced company for automation of industrial facilities, design, mechatronics, programming of machines, tools and devices, and development of custom madecontrol system software.

Our long term experience in a wide range of industries and manufacturing processes has contributed to the creation of a flexible company which encompasses multiple engineering areas needed for automation of machines, production lines and whole factories.

With cooperation with our trusted partners from multiple sectors of manufacturing we can offer complete solutions starting from design up to “ready-to-use” installation.

ASEMO operates in the Croatian market in the field of industrial engineering and mechatronics with the focus on automation of process plants, existing production lines, machines and equipment, replacement of management and improvement of machine operation, design and manufacture of control cabinets and new machinery management systems and complete production lines and finally, design and the commissioning of electromotor systems controlled directly or through frequency controllers.

Through multidisciplinary approach, according to customer needs, information and control systems are designed and projected, linked to production, logistics, warehouse, financial and any transactions, and in real-time report to the user about changes, deviations, defined technological and any other business processes. We adapt these systems to the requirements of managers and end-users for the purpose of controlling, supervising and providing timely information with focus on prompt decision-making.

We offer design, programming, testing and commissioning of automatic process control systems, equipment, machines and devices.

Main Business partners

Plan for future

  • Continued development of solutions for AOI, Robotsystems, Measurement devices, Industry 4.0
  • Exploring new solutions
  • Focus on simple, high quality and efficient solutions for the industry
  • Tracking all the technological advancements in the world and implementing them in their own solutions
  • Hire some of the top experts in automation, robotics and programming
  • Develop customer partnerships
  • Strengthening cooperation with business partners
  • Income growth of at least 25% per annum over the next 3 years